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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Death Vault of Brundon Hall


Here is an interesting account of a haunting from 'The Haunted Homes and Family Traditions of Great Britain' by John Ingham (1897). It was based on extracts taken from the diary of Richard Harris Barham, author of the The Ingoldsbury Legends. 
Barham states that the story is current in the Carter family, of which his first wife was a member, and that it was told to him by Dr Roberts:
“One day, about the year 1785, two lads, one of whom was the uncle of the lady in question, were playing in the large hall of Brundon Hall, a mansion situated on the borders of Suffolk," and at that time the property of the Carters, but which afterwards passed into the possession of the Hurrells. The attention of the boys was suddenly caught by the opening of a door, usually kept locked, which led to the more ancient part of the landing; and they were more astonished still by the appearance of a strange lady dressed in blue satin, who slowly walked towards the great staircase, stamped three times on a large slab of blue stone which lay at the foot, and then, continuing her walk across the hall, disappeared through a door opposite the one by which she had entered. The boys, more puzzled than frightened, left off playing, and ran and told Mrs. Carter, the mistress of the house, and the mother of the narrator's (Mr. Roberts') uncle. She immediately fainted. Subsequently she told her son that the apparition had been frequently seen by other members of the family, and that there was a very dreadful story connected with it which, however, she declined to communicate. Some years afterwards, the house having, I believe, changed hands in the interval, certain repairs were undertaken, in the course of which the entrance to a large vault was discovered, concealed by the stone upon which the lady in blue satin had stamped. On examination two skeletons were found below; a gold bracelet was on the arm of one, and gold spurs were lying near the feet of the other. In addition, a goblet having some dark-coloured sediment at the bottom, supposed to be blood, was found in a recess in the wall, and a considerable quantity of infants' skulls and bones were heaped up in one corner. Lastly, a considerable sum in gold coin was brought to light."
Further research failed to cast any light on the sinister vault or the reason for the horrifying contents. 

Saturday, 8 August 2015

In the August issue of Psychic News

Another one of my articles on ghosts is in the latest issue of PN. This month, I look at some famous alleged photographs of ghosts. You can get it from all good newsagents or from PN direct -

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Friday, 31 July 2015

New edition of the Ghosts and Spirits Show - Amanda Hart

New edition of the Ghosts and Spirits Show this Sunday morning. I'll be interviewing Amanda Hart - healing practitioner and author. Tune in at 11 am to hear her on

Monday, 20 July 2015

Epping Forest ghosts

The ancient woodland of Epping Forest is said to be home to several ghosts. 

Queen Boudica and her daughters haunt Ambresbury Banks - an Iron Age fort near Loughton. Tradition states that it was the site of her last battle against the Romans in AD 61. On certain nights, drumming and groans have also been heard. 

The Wake Arms roundabout is a notorious accident black spot and has a selection of ghosts ranging from phantom horsemen to headless bikers. One is said to run out in front of cars and then vanish!

Dick Turpin, the notorious highwayman, used Epping Forest as a hideout and has been seen riding through the trees. Traps Hill is said be a good place to spot his ghost - if you are so inclined!

A certain pool in the forest was the scene of a murder over 300 years ago. Two young lovers used to meet there in secret. The father of the girl was against the relationship and murdered his daughter by the pool in a fit of anger. Her grief stricken lover couldn't face life without her and took his life at the very spot where she was murdered. Following this, the waters turned black and wildlife shunned the area. It was said the pool had the power to make people commit suicide following the tragedy. 

Rumours of witch covens gathering in the woods for pagan rites also persist.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Stately Ghosts of England

This charming documentary dates from 1965 and features the actress Margaret Rutherford, her husband Stringer Davis and Tom Corbett, a famous psychic of the time. They visit Longleat, Salisbury Hall and Beaulieu in search of England's ghostly past.