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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Southwold Ghosts and Monsters by John West

Gun Hill is said to be haunted by the figure of a soldier. He is always seen standing next to one of the six cannon that can be found on the hill. He literally lost his head when one of the cannon misfired.

Sutherland House is the home of a phantom lady. The red haired women is said to be waiting for the return of Lord Sandwich, who was killed in a nearby 17th Century sea battle with the Dutch. Footsteps and the sound of doors opening are heard on 28th May, the anniversary of the Lord's death.

Southwold is also known as the haunt of a less than ghostly being. On the 21st October 1938, local fishermen claimed to have seen a grey coloured sea monster swimming near their boat. The beast was described as being over 65 feet long.

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